Build your own Vacation or Hunt in remote Alaska
No hunting or fishing charges apply. You only pay for renting the equipment and/or lodge.
Check the services you are interested in, and a specialist will contact you to further discuss options.
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Special Considerations:
If you harvest big game animals the following benefits for retrieval are added on.

Using an Argo, possibly a Trailer for hauling the carcass.
Animal processing on-site
Additional equipment as-needed for the purpose of caring for the animal.
If you are hunting a grizzly bear, you are required to be an Alaska resident, or be accompanied by a licensed guide.

We can help arrange these guides as needed.
$4,650.00 hauling and processing + Guide fees when applicable
Male Alaska Moose can stand over 7 ft. (2.1 m.) at the shoulder, and weigh over half a ton! The antlers on average have a span of 6 ft. (1.8 m.)
Moose up to 1,500lb
$9,450.00 Hauling and processing.
Our hunting area is located in the middle of a Caribou migration route. The Caribou herds in this portion or the state are the largest in the world, which makes Big River Lodge one of the best choices for trophy potential.
Caribou up to 700lb
$6,550.00 Hauling and processing
Adults on average stand about 3 ft. (1 m.) at the shoulders and are about 5 ft. (1.5m) from nose to tail. Males are larger than females, and weigh about 200 pounds in the spring and grow gradually heavier until the fall when they are fat.
Black Bear up to 550lb
$4,650.00 Hauling and processing.
Black Bear
All other animals that are less than 150lbs and are not listed above can typically be retrieved on the back of an ATV.
No additional hauling charge applies as long as the ATV is not damaged in the process of retrieving the animal.
In the case of ATV damage, a fair assessment will be made and applied in good faith.
Rough estimate, based on selections above:
Remember: you may still need harvest tags, licenses and permits for hunting and fishing.
To get the most up-to-date list of licensing prices, policies and procedures, visit:
Other fees might not be accounted for. This is just an estimate. Things like flight costs, your personal food preferences and more will ultimately determine the cost. We provide this estimate as a convenience for helping plan your adventure.
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